Audi, BMW and Mercedes Seals The Deal For Nokia Here Maps At 3.1 Billion Dollars

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Cars now a days are getting smarter just like our favorite smartphones. Well, this new era of cars promises to be the complete package of technology inside out. Well, the Smartphones are the ones which saw all the major upgrades in the first place and when we talk about cars, they have always been about performance and pleasure. Things are about to change now as your favorite cars are just going to get smarter. Lumia users would definitely know about the usefulness of the mapping service that the company introduced in the Smartphones. Well, the HERE MAPS by Nokia is not in Nokia’s hands anymore.

Here Maps

Nokia to sell off Here Maps!


Audi, BMW and Mercedes have been making a big news about their latest business deal with Nokia. Well, on August 3rd, they finally broke silence upon the deal and confirmed it done. All the Three car giants have acquired the Here Maps Service By Nokia which was one of the best services by Nokia. Well, it appears that along with Lumia, The Here Maps Service has also gone out of Nokia’s hand. But not to worry, Nokia has being paid an enormous amount for that. The deal was signed at a whopping 3.1 Billion Dollars price tag which is quite a lot to acquire something electronic. Nokia bought this navigation service from a Chinese based company at 8.1 Billion Dollars mark, so this makes another loss for the company but at least they managed to get something out of it.

Here Maps

Audi, BMW and Mercedes to buy Here Maps

Well, these autocar makers are just behind one thing which is bringing the cars of modern world to some specific standards and make it smarter than the Smartphones. And this step will mean just the thing that Audi, BMW and Mercedes are trying to do. Good Luck Nokia, and Well Done Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


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